Whether you cut down the tree yourself or hired some low-rate landscapers, a remaining stump can be a problem. A stump is a problem because it is a tripping hazard, especially for you and your kids. Also, stumps become havens for a variety of pests. After the tree is cut down, the stump begins to die and decay, which makes it the perfect home for termites and other pests. These pests feed on the stump and use it for shelter. Finally, the stump makes it more difficult to build on or around your yard since it is a great immovable object in the middle of your garden. The best alternative is to have it ground down by professionals.

Professional Stump Removal

Tree surgeons in SE25 will remove your stump typically by grinding it down. Grinding down a stump is the most effective way to remove it, especially if you don’t have much space. The other alternative is to pull the stump out of the ground, but that option is a difficult task to complete and can be destructive to your yard. Grinding down the stump reduces it to wood chips that can be recycled, used in the compost, or spread around your yard as mulch.

How Far Down?

You want a company that will grind the stump below the level of your lawn. You need them to grind it down about six to twelve inches. If it is ground down below the level of the lawn, you’ll be able to pave over it or plant soil and sod. It will be like the stump was never even there to begin with.