It should come as no surprise to learn that bathtubs are a huge selling point for residential properties, especially when you consider the importance of this particular component of a home. There are few things quite as relaxing as taking a hot bath after a long day at work or school just before retreating to bed for a long night of rest. However, many people fail to notice when their much-beloved tubs begin to show the signs of age and trouble and this can lead to a number of potentially damaging situations.


One of the most noticeable signs that you need a new bathtub for one or more bathrooms in the house is if there are stains on the tub. Not only do stains detract from the beauty of your tub but they allow millions of microorganisms to breed and increase the risk of health problems. It is impossible to feel comfortable in a bathtub that is stained and a potential health hazard, which is why it is likely time for you to consider looking for new online bathroom supplies in Sydney.


On occasion, a shower curtain may be left in a poor position, allowing water to leak out during a shower and onto the floor. Similarly, water kept in a bathtub can easily be splashed out and cause one or two small puddles, but you should not step out into a miniature lake of freezing water every time that you go to clean up. This is a sign that your tub has a hidden leak, often at the joint of two pipes, and this difficult-to-fix problem can cause the growth of mildew and mould.

If you fear that your tub is leaking but are unsure if it is true, simply fill the tub with water and allow it to stand for a few hours while you check in every twenty or so minutes. You may also be able to hear the water dripping onto the floor or draining from the tub, indicating that your stopper mechanism is failing or broken. It is often the most cost-effective option to simply replace the tub after a leak is confirmed because leaks often return after repairs.


As unpleasant as some might consider the thought, many live with mould and mildew actively growing in their bathtubs for months before replacing them. This can cause respiratory problems, allergy attacks, nervous system disorders, and a wide array of other symptoms that are never good for a person’s health. If mould and mildew are deeply ingrained in the surface of your tub, it is better to simply have it replaced so as to protect yourself and the health of those living in the residence who also use the tub.


It should be relatively easy for you to get in and out of your tub. If you find that doing so is causing you too much trouble, especially if that trouble is accompanied by pain, it is time for a better alternative. As you age and change, it might be that your tub must change alongside you.