A lot of people are now going for DIY builds. The reason why a lot of individuals go for this build is that it is cheap, highly customizable, and the quality is assured because they get to choose the materials for the project.

Another quality that people put in DIY builds is multifunctionality. Sofas which double as beds and vice versa, bedframes with hidden drawers below, etc. The number of possibilities depends on the imagination of a person.

In this article, we will take a look at the best ideas of combining DIY and multifunctionality when it comes to bed frames.  Here are two of these excellent bed frame designs.

Awesome Storage Bed frames

These bed frames provide owners excellent space-saving furniture in their bedrooms. These drawers beneath the bed are good places to put clothing, shoes and other personal belongings. Depending on the build, storage bed frames may come in layers where a drawer could have another drawer on top.

Another good build for storage bed frames is a pop-up surface, similar to the hood of a car. The space beneath the mattress and the bed itself is hollow, allowing blankets and other similar items for their storage.

Highly Customizable Pallet Bed Frames

Pallet bed frames are making a lot of noise in the interior designing world. A lot of people prefer working with pallets because they are highly customizable, cheap, and easy to acquire. Pallets are readily available in local woodwork shops and recycling centers.

With bed frames made from pallets, a lot of customizations become possible. Pallets are very good when stacked due to the hollow spaces that they create when put together.

A lot of people prefer to place lights beneath the bed frames to create a calming illusion when they go to sleep. Another idea which utilizes additional pieces of plywood, is a DIY bed frame with drawers in it, mostly mimicking the storage bed frame mentioned above.


A lot of people love doing DIY projects because it is highly customizable and easy to do. Along with the ease of creating such projects, multifunctionality quickly gets integrated into the build. Pallet beds, for example, are easy to acquire and very “malleable” regarding functionality.

Pallet bed frames have hollow spaces beneath them which enable people to put in certain items such as lights, drawers, and other items. The only limitation of these DIY projects is the imagination of the individual who undertakes such projects. You can get awesome ideas from Beds Online where they provide a wide selection of pre-made bed frames.

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