Insulating your roof is an important step in reducing the amount of money you spend on your utilities every month and every year. The amount of heat you lose through your roof greatly outpaces the amount of heat lost through any other surface in your home. Such an occurrence happens because heat rises and eventually rises through your roof. Heat lost through the floor is a consideration, but is much more easily remedied than heat lost through the ceiling.

Thermal Bridging in Your Roof

Heat is not only lost through your roof during the winter. It also comes in through your roof during the summer. Air is actually a poor vessel for heat, that’s why it so readily transfers that heat to other surfaces. During the summer, the sun and warm air are constantly in contact with your roof, heating it up to a much hotter temperature than other parts of your home. To prevent that heat from entering your home, you need insulation.

You should research West Sussex roofers who insulate roofs. They will be able to protect you from the heat during the summer.

Utility Costs

Research into utility costs differs somewhat in terms of the overall impact of heat lost or gained through the roof. However, it is not controversial to state that a large amount of heat transfers through your roof.

Some studies suggest as much as 40% of the heat transferring in and out of your home transfers through the roof. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you better insulate your roof, you could greatly reduce how much you pay each month in utilities. It also has the knock-on effect of reducing the amount of heat in your attic. Reducing the heat in your attic and ceiling will disincentivize mould, mildew, and pests from seeking refuge in the warm dark spaces of your home.

Insulating your roof is a benefit to many facets of your home.