There are two basic kinds of skips: skips that have fixed sides and ones that have ramps. The kind with the fixed sides tend to be smaller; they’re easier to transport but more difficult to load. Alternately, you can get a skip with a ramp. The ramp will make it much easier to load the skip but typically, you have to have a large skip to make the ramp worthwhile. That means it needs to be big enough to support the roll-on and roll-off surface. However, you can save a considerable amount of effort if you do choose that route. Here are some things you need to consider: 

How Much Stuff?

The first consideration is how much stuff you need to dispose of. If you’re only getting rid of some normal household waste, your Portland skip hire can be a fairly small skip. However, if you’re getting rid of a lot of items or some very bulky items, you’ll need something larger.

Furthermore, you’ll need a roll-on, roll-off skip, which will give you the opportunity to easily load the skip. If you have a hand truck or a pallet jack, you’ll be able to roll your refuse up into the skip. 

How Heavy?

Even if you don’t have a lot of different items, you might need a roll-on skip if you have very heavy items. It can be very difficult to lift heavy items into your skip. If you’re throwing away appliances or other types of heavy things, a roll-on skip is your best idea.