Like every other industry, the steel fabrication sector has seen rapid development, which has culminated in the emergence of a perfect system that is designed be experts, then fabricated to exact specifications. This leaves the customer with a choice of either self-installation or having the manufacturer carry out the work, and with easy to follow instructions, going down to DIY route is very affordable, and with a friendly team of experts who can guide you through the design process, the finished product will fit like a glove.

Go Straight to the Manufacturer

There are many companies that provide shed installation services, and they would typically order to unit from an established manufacturer, and if you seek out a manufacturer that also installs, you have basically cut out the middleman, which will be reflected in the low cost. All you need to know when making contact is the dimensions of the proposed structure, and with online solutions, you can communicate with their design team via the website. If you are looking at sheds in Melbourne, for example, there are suppliers who do not limit the customer in any way regarding design. You might, for example, prefer to have one side open, like a semi-carport, or perhaps have a veranda type porch added to the garage, and by enlisting the help of the experts, the perfect solution is never far away.

Cold Steel Panels

The system would consist of a wide range of standard sized panels, and with the right base and supports, the structure is fabricated in the factory and installed on-site. Cold steel panels tick all the boxes, especially in the harsh Australian climate, and with a wide range of colours, you can complement the property with a stunning addition.

Roller Doors

These are very secure, and with motorised versions, operation is simple, and with one at each end, you have a drive through garage, which could turn out to be very useful. Whatever you are using the garage for, security is important, and with steel shutter doors, forced entry is next to impossible.

Unique Design

You might want to have a specific workshop, for example, and the design needs to reflect the type of work, and with a few skylights and some ventilation, you can have the ideal workspace for your hobby or even that business idea you have been thinking about. Having an external structure designed will give you a lot more than just extra living space, as it will be tailored for a specific use. If you are a car enthusiast, you could have a double garage, which allows for half the space to be your workshop, where you can work on your car inside and during all hours.


If you have some DIY experience and are not afraid of a challenge, then erecting the garage is going to save a lot of money. Once you have a solid base ready, installing the garage is easy, and with step by step instructions, you can’t really go wrong. You will have to ensure that the utilities are relayed under the floor, ready for connection when the structure is erected, and this is a straightforward procedure.

Online solutions make it very easy to enquire and order a tailored garage or shed, and by dealing directly with the manufacturer, you are assured of trade prices.