There have been many new ways to heat your home developed over the past few years. One of the most efficient and effective heating systems remains burning a solid fuel. Burning a solid fuel such as wood or peat is an effective way to deliver heat directly to a room or to heat up water in a boiler. When water is heated in a boiler, it then travels throughout your home, radiating heat through the walls and radiators. These solid fuel system are efficient because they rely on commodities that you can store.


If you’re relying on natural gas or electricity to heat your home, you don’t control how much it costs or how much you have available. In the event of a storm or a power outage, you might be without gas or electrical services. If you, however, use a solid fuel source to heat your home, you’ll have as much as you can store. That means you can store coal, peat, or any other kind of solid fuel source. The biggest decision is just choosing which kind of fuel you want, as many coal fuel distributors in Swadlincote also deliver other types of fuel.

Choosing a Fuel

Coal is a classic fuel that burns for a very long time and burns very hot; that’s why it’s been used as an energy source since the industrial revolution. Coal is a non-renewable resource that contributes significantly to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. While your relatively tiny use of coal will not have a large impact, you might consider renewable resources instead. The choice is yours. Coal is efficient, but it’s dirty.

If you want to strike a middle ground, you might consider wooden logs as a fuel source. They’re renewable, but they still tend to burn pretty hot. There are also some modern fuel sources that are processed; they’re often as efficient as coal but slightly more expensive.