Carpet cleaning is one of the tedious household tasks. We require professional help to do it with perfection. Foam Frenzy is the best place to contact for Carpet Cleaning Services in Lakeshore. For your further reading, I have summed up the reasons for which you should consider Foam Frenzy to clean your carpet.

Why is perfect carpet cleaning important?

Carpets become hosts to dust particles, allergens, outside dirt from children, dangerous toxins and other harmful dirt. This creates an unhealthy atmosphere in both, your office and home. It will lead to serious health issues if ignored. Dirty carpets also give out a bad impression of your home or office to the visitors.

Many firms offer help to clean the carpets. But the quality of service offered by Foam Frenzy is unmatched.

Unmatchable qualities of Foam Frenzy Carpet Cleaning Lakeshore

  • Owned and operated by female workers: The women in the house have better knowledge of the chores and the kind of care required for the carpets. Our employees treat your place as their own. They work with utmost dedication and care to provide the best service.
  • Well trained employees: Our workers are trained well before sending to onsite work. They are tested for their skills. We do not hold any subcontract employees. This enables us to provide a transparent service.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning: The method used by Foam Frenzy is completely eco-friendly. It causes no harm to you, your pets or the environment we live in. It also increases the longevity of your carpets.
  • Quick Dry: The foam used for cleaning consists of only 10% water. Thus the carpet dries very quickly. You will be saved hours of waiting for the carpet to dry.
  • Loyalty Offers: We aim to provide 100% satisfaction to all our customers. You can call us back if your carpets are not cleaned up to your expectation. We will redo the entire cleaning for free of cost. There is a 10% loyalty bonus for your next cleaning session. You can avail extra offers by referring us to your family and friends.

Packages available for Lakeshore, Ontario Professional Cleaning Service

We have well-planned packages to accommodate your budget constraints. We offer up to 14 services depending on the package you choose.

  • Basic Frenzy: As a part of the Basic Frenzy package we provide nine different services like field assessment, pre-spraying, and deodorizer. It costs you 35 cents per square foot.
  • Standard Frenzy with scotch guard: Under this package up to 13 services are covered by us who includes the scotch guard treatment. It is priced at 40 cents per square foot.
  • Standard Frenzy with vacuuming: This is another variation of the Standard Frenzy package. It gives you the vacuuming service instead of scotch guard treatment. This also costs you 40 cents per square foot.
  • Thorough frenzy: This package includes both the scotch guard and vacuuming along with 12 other services. It costs you 45 cents per square foot.

Make a call to Foam Frenzy right away and avail the best carpet cleaning service.