Solar power is perhaps the one and only FREE source of energy. Utilizing solar power would not only help in decreasing environmental damages but can also help in reducing monthly power bill. Plus, it also helps in creating employment and supporting local businesses.

Helps in reducing power bills

You would be able to generate solar power not just during hot and sunny days, but also during part of the year with the average amount of sunlight. With an adequate amount of solar panels installed on the roof top of the house, a family with three kids won’t need to draw power from the grid during winter. You would consume power from the grid only during summer when you need to use the air conditioning system.

You can expect around five hours of sunlight at sunny locations. On the other hand, you get around two hours of sunlight when the atmosphere is cloudy. Believe it or not, but even two hours of sun light on solar panels would be enough to power your home for few hours every day.

Tax credits offered by various states

In most states, people receive as much as 30 percent of the total amount spent on solar panels back as tax credits from the federal government. Some states offer additional incentives to buyers. You would also generate solar renewable energy credits that you can exchange with your power company and get a discount on your bill. Overall, you get benefits worth around 40 percent of your expenditure on the installation of solar panels.  Besides this, power companies also offer electricity at reduced rates to homes that have solar panels installed on their roof tops. The percentage may differ from one state to the other.

Some of them have special assistance programs for homeowners with lower income. Such initiatives help home owners to get solar systems installed at affordable rates.

Economic sense

Experts suggest that solar panels can be used for around 25 years and most of them come with 10 years of warranty period. A user might need around 3.5 years to pay back the cost. Thus, he or she gets 20 plus years of free power. It surely makes economic sense.

There is something for everyone, including those who do not wish to spend money on installation. You can lease out your roof space to power companies that install solar panels and offer a discount in power bills to home owners.

Along with annual energy savings, solar panels help in increasing resale value of the property. Panels also make the house energy efficient during hot days as the sunlight gets absorbed by panels and this helps in keeping the house’s temperature lower. This helps in extending the life of the roof as well. Thus, home buyers are often keen to buy such houses.

When it comes to choosing solar panel for tiny house, there are multiple options available. Tiny house solar kits can prove to be a superb power source for solar cooking products, solar batteries, lighting systems, refrigerators, solar fire starters, and phone chargers as well.