There is a huge difference between hiring services of moving company and simply renting a truck to transport your stuff from point A to point B. If you opt for the second option, you may also have to pay for gas, road tax, labor charges for loading and unloading, etc. additionally. Plus, some trucking companies may also ask you to pay 50 percent amount of the total charges as one way or return cost.

Distance from one property to the other should be considered

While selecting between the two options, it’s important to calculate the overall distance between the two points and then the amount of gas that you need to pay for. Add the cost of gas, road taxes, labor, and truck rental to get the final amount that you need to pay if you decide to go with option two.

After calculating the total amount, you can consider calling moving companies to get their quote for the overall job in order to calculate the difference. This decision should be taken on the basis of the distance between A and B. You might be able to transport stuff from one area to the other in the same city by simply hiring a truck. But, long distance would probably require assistance from home movers.

If you decide to go with a moving company, make sure that you check the organization’s reputation. To find the best long distance movers nyc, you should consider visiting Moving Pros. Their website also offers review for multiple service providers.

While getting online quote from the service providers, make sure that you have details about number of boxes, electronic appliances, chairs and other furniture items that you need to transport along with location information for loading and unloading points. Ask for site inspection if required, and ensure that the company does not charge anything more than the amount mentioned in the quote.

You would be easily able to decide if hiring a truck to transport your household items from old house to the new property is affordable or simply getting packers and movers to do the job makes sense.

Give sufficient time

Believe it or not, but if you wish to move in an organized way, you would require at least eight to twelve weeks of preparations. The first step should be arranging boxes and packing materials like various types of tapes. A dolly can prove to be handy while moving heavier items and moving companies often bring the same. Use different color codes to mark boxes that contain stuff from various rooms. This will make life easy for you while opening boxes.

Disassemble every piece of furniture as well as electric items. Make sure that you have an appropriate number of boxes for the same.

You should definitely use this opportunity to get rid of stuff that you don’t need. You can either give away such stuff to as charity to not-for-profit outfits or sell them at the pawn shop. Remember, you can get some tax benefits if you donate unwanted stuff as charity.