The construction industry in the United Kingdom is worth billions of pounds. With development on the rise, more and more companies have started offering services within the construction sector. A number of sub-industries have also opened up as a result. Previously, construction companies had to spend a great deal of money in order to purchase the raw materials and the equipment needed to begin construction. Since everything works on a credit basis, the construction firms had to bear the brunt of it all.

They had to purchase skips for transporting the raw material, scaffolding, portable toilets, building materials, and many other things that were required to start construction. Thankfully, with the rise of building hire companies such as Abee Hire, contractors no longer need to worry about all of that. Here are just some of the many different things that you can rent through these companies.

Portable Toilets

Having portable toilets on the construction site is obviously very important. The labour staff and the managers on the site are going to need a place where they can relieve themselves. Setting up portable toilets is necessary if you want to maintain morale and performance at adequate levels at the site. If you don’t have portable toilets, your construction workers will be taking regular breaks in order to go and relieve themselves off-site, which will only delay work further. Because this is a natural thing, you won’t even be able to stop the workers. However, having portable toilets on site generally brings a great many benefits. For starters, the company will send over a team every night in order to empty the toilet tanks and ensure that the toilets are ready for use the next day. Rather than spending money and purchasing your own toilets, you can just rent portable ones from building hire companies.

Plant Hire

A considerable amount of construction work is done using different types of plants and machineries. Excavators, digging plants, and other equipment is required on the construction site for carrying out different types of construction work. Previously, construction businesses had to spend a great deal of money in order to purchase specific plants and machines that were needed for the construction work. However, nowadays, you can just rent the equipment from a building hire company and get your work done without having to purchase your own machines. These companies generally charge a specific fee based on the duration of the rental and the type of machine you require.


In some cases, containers might also be required on a construction site. Containers are ideally needed for a variety of different purposes on a site. They are needed for transporting different things from the site, such as raw materials, etc. Previously, it was quite difficult for businesses to handle all of these problems. Today, with rental companies now offering most of the equipment, it’s much easier for businesses to start operating in the construction industry. These are just some of the many things that these companies offer for rent to local construction businesses.