Building surveys are commonly conducted by third-party companies and surveyors. The job of a building surveyor is to carry out a detailed survey of the building, such as checking the boundaries of the building and making sure that the building is in good condition. A conventional building survey includes the following:

  • Checking property boundaries
  • Making a design for extension or conversion
  • Looking for problems with the building, such as in the roof or the foundation.

Before you think about investing your hard-earned money in any property or building, you should first hire affordable building surveyors in Southwark to check it. Here are a few key benefits that you get for conducting a building survey first.

Identifying Issues

It’s highly unlikely that the seller will talk with you in detail about all the things that are going wrong with the property. However, if you hire a third-party building surveyor to check the building for you, they will compile a detailed report highlighting all of the things that are wrong with the property. The report includes detailed information about issues with the foundation, the roof, and other areas that might not be so easily discernible. This will make it easier for you to understand whether the property is worth investing in or not.

Revising Property Value 

Once you know all of the issues related to the property, you can then negotiate with the seller and bring the price down slightly. The money you save can be used for renovation or repair work later on.