A quick look at the internet and a search for basement renovation will provide you with a huge number of ideas regarding the new use of your basement.  Many of the images you see will be dazzling, pristine; in fact they will look like a show home!

There is no reason why your basement renovation project cannot look just as good as the ones you see in these pictures; and it needn’t break the bank.  To achieve such a good result you will need to consider employing the services of a reputable basement renovation firm.  There are many firms willing to offer you a competitive deal on a basement renovation.  However, if you are in the Greater Toronto area you should contact Dynamic Basement Renovations; you will not be disappointed!

In order to keep your basement renovation plan within budget it is important to follow these tips:

  1. Added Value

The space you create in your basement should be useful to you and your family.  Whether you create a games room or an additional bedroom or two; the space must improve the feel and usability of your home.  However, you should also look at the additional value that a basement renovation can bring to your home and the potential cost of this project.

By minimizing the costs you will be able to add value to your home.

  1. DIY Assistance

One of the best ways of minimizing the costs is to do the bulk of the labour yourself.  There are several parts of a basement renovation which can be difficult and may need to be left to a professional.  Electrics, water and gas are items which should be undertaken by a specialist unless you are already experienced with these things.

There are many other parts of the basement renovation you can complete yourself and this will help to keep the cost of your project down.

  1. Light

Basements often have limited light so you will need to look at the most effective way of introducing additional light into these rooms.  This may be through fitting windows, well positioned mirrors or by adding sun tunnels.  A light basement will feel, more comfortable and airy; making it a pleasurable space to be in.

  1. Damp

The basement is the most likely room in your house to be suffering from damp.  It is important to check it before you start renovating.  If damp is present you will need to dry the area out and add a damp proof membrane between the outer walls and the new inner wall.  Damp proofing can also be added to the floor.

  1. Check radon

Radon is a radioactive gas without any smell.  It can arrive in your basement through the walls and can be detrimental to your health.  It is advisable to have your basement checked for radon before you start the basement renovation.  If there is any of it then you may need to seek professional advice to reduce or eliminate it.

  1. Escape Route?

Finally, when planning your basement renovation it is important to consider what the escape route is.  In most cases the basement access is from the kitchen.  In the event of a fire you may not be able to get back up the stairs.  You will, therefore, need an alternative means of escape from your basement.  In fact, building codes may require you to have a fully opening window!

Provide you assess these items first you will have a successful and top quality basement renovation.