Man has riddled with the question of adjusting his surrounding weather to his needs and aspirations since his existence. He found solutions too, ingenious ones at that; he began with a simple hand waved fan. With his inherent ability and desire to improvise he designed systems which cool the surroundings through the use of coolants, usually water, and which would be free of mechanical effort for their working. Evidence of such coolers having been employed in ancient Roman and Chinese societies do exist. It was this solution which served as the father of today’s air conditioners and coolers.

Thus, man kept on applying improvements in his device which suited his needs and served well in the climate of the area. However, in today’s world society has seen a widespread usage of air conditioners as one of the most effective solution to this question. These modern devices are highly effective and have the ability to give one the feeling of sitting in Antarctica while sitting in a room, the outside temperature of which may very well be touching 50 degrees.

But, like a coin with two sides this too has its own shortcomings. For one, it is highly power consuming and thus not viable for use in energy deficient countries like India. Moreover, they use refrigerants which are pollutants of the environment. Also they have a very high setting up cost which is simply not plausible for the vast majorities of the developing world.

It is at this juncture that we need to identify the other solution to this heat conundrum. Visit this site to know about air coolers.

Traditional air coolers to the rescue!

It had been wrong on our part to have simply written off our traditional air coolers as a thing of history. It is imperative for us to recognize that air conditioners and coolers are two different solutions suiting to completely different settings. To consider air conditioner as a refinement of cooler is a sin.

This argument is based on a number of points.

  • Air coolers are built on a very simple yet highly effective principle of cooling caused by evaporation. Thus, these devices have the ability to provide cooling even in areas where an air conditioner might not be able to function. Coolers would work smoothly in highly arid conditions where the outside temperatures might touch high numbers but many air conditioners except the highly rugged and thus the more expensive ones would just break down in such situations.
  • They have a simple built and may be repaired easily by anyone with even a slight knowledge of basic workman’s tools while air conditioners need trained technicians even to install it. Thus, it becomes unviable to install air conditioners in backward traditional areas.
  • Air coolers give the advantage of portability and may easily be transferred from one location to the other. They may be broken up into parts and may be assembled when required even by a layman. Air conditioners on the other hand provide no such relief.
  • A large proportion of the global population lives in poverty and thus would be simply unable to afford air conditioners, even if they could, they would not have the luxury of regular constant power supply. Air coolers are cheap and can run on low power which may be provided through the usage of power backup options like inverters and generators.
  • They give you the satisfaction of contributing to protection of environment since they do not employ pollutants as refrigerants.

There have been many innovations in the development of air coolers. Its high time we gave them the respect they deserve.