While designing the home, often, most of the homeowners forget that it is not just the rooms and the living areas, but every nook and corner of the house needs the same amount of attention. That is why it is necessary that as a homeowner, you pay attention to all the areas, even the bathroom. Do you know that the bathroom is often one of the most ignored parts of the home? Most of the time homeowners think that bathroom doesn’t deserve much of the attention while planning the interior décor of the home. But, surely it is a mistake. The bathroom can be an extension of your choices and personalities too.

So, when you are thinking of designing the interior of your abode, it is necessary that you start considering about your bathroom. When are you wondering, how you should design the interior what comes to your mind first? There is one predominating feature of any bathroom that can change the look of the whole place. Needless to say, it adds much storage place too. Yes, I am talking about bathroom vanities.

If you are thinking choosing modern bathroom vanities will be quite easy as there are many options for you, then you are mistaken. As I have already said, bathroom vanities have the power to completely influence the look and feel of the bathroom, it is necessary that you choose it wisely. Are you wondering which type of vanity you should choose? Then read on to know about the most popular trends of bathroom vanities those are ruling the market.

Black Magic

Are you thinking of making a bold statement in the bathroom décor? Then best choose a black solid wood vanity for your bathroom. It is stunning, as well as modern. Most importantly, a black vanity will surely give the desired statement to your bathroom. If you are thinking that your bathroom will become gloomy with the color, then you can perk up with sharp contrast on the wall. Choose white, beige or neutral shade and lend your bathroom a classy contrast of white and black.

Floating Ease

Worried about space in your bathroom? Choose the floating vanities that will surely help you to get more space and are functionality as well. It won’t be difficult for you anymore to clean the place. Moreover, when you are aiming to get the maximum effect from the simple design, opting for floating vanities can save you from the trouble of too much of bulky unit in your bathroom.

Rustic Touch

Do you know that adding a bit of rustic touch in the bathroom is quite interesting? It is one of the most predominating trends of this year in the market. Shabby chic is in the market and if you want to give your bathroom an exotic feel, then rustic touch will do a wondrous job. Choose a wooden vanity with rustic charm and color. Juxtaposing your modern bathroom with the rustic touch, the vanity will surely become stellar.

Furniture Style

Are you opting for a cozy warm décor for your home? If yes, then don’t let your bathroom go untouched by the welcoming charm of the rest of your home. For that, opt for a furniture-like vanity. No, if you are thinking I am asking you to turn your old piece of furniture into a vanity then no, I am not suggesting that. Rather choose a design that will simply look like an old piece of furniture that has graced your home before. It will not only add a cozy touch, but also perk up the vintage appeal.

Choose a reliable supplier for RTA kitchen cabinets and vanities, and choose the one that will suit your need.