Space is of the essence and it can be challenging to create space when there is a dinner party or when the extended family is present for a meal. An extending glass dining table can help reduce the hustle of finding where everyone can sit down. Extending glass dining table are those dining tables that are statement-making while at the same time offering practical solutions. With these dining tables, the need to have a large table that takes up a lot of space can be done away with.

Importance of glass extending dining tables

Extending dining tables save on space even when if there are family or friends for dinner. If the table is, for instance, a four sitter, a chair can be placed on each side to accommodate six people without congestion. When not in use, the table can be folded up to create space in the dining area or room.

Furthermore, glass is modern and sleek in appearance. A glass dining table, whether extendible or fixed, are elegant pieces of furniture. The sheer beauty of glass dining table can only make the guests feel more special and will, therefore, enhancing their experience and meal.

They are easy to maintain and clean. The glass’s characteristic of showing fingerprints and dust is advantageous as one can see the dirt so as it can be wiped or cleaned. Also, it cannot be stained by wine or foods. Only a sponge and cleaning solution are needed to clean the table.

They can be used alongside various interior design themes and styles. They match with any chair hence one can choose from a wide range of chairs. Also, there is a wide range of base option to select from varying from metal, ceramics, and wood. If a transparent glass is selected then instead of the artistic base being hidden, they will stand out.

Selecting the best glass extending table

  1. The various design and styles should be considered when selecting a glass extending dining table.
  2. Based on the expected uses of the table, the space available in the dining room and the aesthetics work out the best table.
  3. Price comparison of the selected tables is then done
  4. Measurements should be taken to determine which tables complement the room.

       Italian extending glass tables are ideal for formal dining rooms while the round extending glass dinner tables are perfect for sociable dinners and brunches.

  1. The extending glass dining table should be complementary with the existing furniture pieces and decorative accessories.
  2. After choosing the most preferred style, the extending table should not be taking up the entire room when fully extended. Instead, it should leave room for sits and movement of people.

Styling the extending glass dining table

The best look for the dining area is a contemporary appearance. When styling the table, cool lines and shapes can be combined with bright metallic and whites so as to achieve a futuristic appearance.

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