Where would we be without that essential central heating? If it packs up in the summer, it isn’t really a major issue, but if it were to give up the ghost during the colder months, it would certainly cause major inconvenience at best. Modern central heating systems do require regular servicing, and this should be carried out every three months, and especially in the autumn, before the cold weather sets in. Even if the system appears to be working properly, regular servicing will ensure that you do not use too much energy in keeping the home at the required temperature, and with that in mind, here are some tasks that need to be carried out on a regular basis.

  • Thermostat – If the unit is a few years old, it might not be so accurate, which means your boiler will either be working too much or not enough. The old thermostat can sometimes be recalibrated, or the other solution is a replacement, and a qualified heating service engineer would be able to diagnose any thermostat issue.
  • Air in the System – If the radiators are cooler on the top, this is likely caused by trapped air in the system, and a service engineer can bleed the air out by opening the radiator valve nozzle until no more air escapes. Trapped air can also cause pipes to bang, so if you are experiencing strange noises coming from your central heating system, the radiators probably need bleeding.
  • Check the Pipe Lagging – This ensures that the pipes do not freeze over in the winter, and is also a good insulator, ensuring that you are not using too much fuel to heat your home. You can buy ready to fit lagging, which is very easy to attach, or failing that, ask the service engineer to do it when he carries out the quarterly service.
  • Optimise Performance – If the central heating is regularly serviced, it will perform at optimum levels, keeping your interior warm and comfortable, but if this is overlooked, you can expect a rise in fuel consumption during the winter months, as the system is overworked. Whether you use gas, electric or oil, you will use more energy if the system is not serviced regularly, and this can add up over a period of time.

The central heating system sometimes is taken for granted, as it works quietly in the background, and for maximum efficiency, the system needs to be serviced every 3 months. If you require a heating service engineer, an online search will likely produce results.