Have you ever dreamt of waking up panicked to your house on fire? What if this nightmare actually comes true and you get to know that the clothing dryer is to be blamed. Won’t it be such a shame? If only you would have got the vent of the same cleaned by a professional service provider the fire could have been prevented. The dryer vent cleaning fairfax va service companies are professionals and guarantee best satisfaction in terms of dryer duct cleaning. It has not been long that the U.S has been counted for beyond 15,000 home fires caused by this appliance. This has been reported by none other than the National Fire Protection Association. So, the information is authenticated.

The warning indications to get your dryer vent cleaned by professional dryer vent cleaning fairfax va are as follows:

Both the room in which you are drying & clothes are hot:

Is it a common occurrence that your dryer appliance is too hot to touch or the clothes are really hot once they come out of the drying cycle? If yes, then consider this as a warning sign to have your dryer duct cleaned. This valid sign indicates that the vent composite of the dryer is encountering exhausting problems. The blowers can possibly wear out an increasing pace if the dryer system is frequently clogged, Moreover, clogging also wastes much energy as the machine works harder.

A Burning Odor:

Have you been getting a burning smell lately, every time you dry your laundry in the dryer? Be alert about it because if seriously so, be sure that it is coming out of the dryer and nowhere else. Lint is highly inflammable. This thing has a tendency to get build up in the vent pipe, drum casing or even get continuously accumulated in the lint trap inside the dryer vent. If the machine gets too hot, the accumulated lint might just catch fire at any point in time. This is where the burn stench is coming from. In such a case do not use the dryer further without having it inspected.

Unusual stretching of drying time:

The time that is usually taken up by one drying cycle may go up to twice or even thrice the time. This can only happen if the vent of the dryer has got clogged by dirt or lint. You will notice that after the first cycle the clothes are not entirely dry, otherwise which is the case. The longer the machine or system takes to dry the clothes, the harder it is working and is being simulteneously exposed to much wear & tear.

Outside vent door obstruction:

If you ever see that the vent opening is not opening or taking much effort to be opened while the machine is still running, know that debris have piled up in and around the outside opening of theA vent. This is also green signal saying that your clothing dryer is now in the dire need of a thorough inspection and cleaning.