Balustrades have become immensely popular in Australia and we see them adorning many buildings from banks, to hotels and homes. Their purpose is to support your staircase and balcony and whilst they do come in quite a number of materials like wood, steel and stone, the most popular by far is made from glass. The reason glass balustrades are becoming more popular is because of the many additional benefits they offer us. Getting a glass balustrade with no frame is really popular in the design plans of many modern architects. Let’s discover some of the many benefits of your glass balustrade.

  1. Beautiful – Let’s just begin by saying a glass balustrade is really a gorgeous thing to look at and getting a glass balustrade in Perth would bring great beauty to any home. Also, because they are made from glass, this allows light to move all around the building. Rooms are brighter and much more comfortable to sit in. It allows you to see everything that is going on in your home or office, and if you have a beautiful garden outside or a lovely water feature, then you can still enjoy looking at them through the glass. Lots of natural light means you don’t have to turn on your electric lights, so you save money on your utility bill.
  2. Easy To Clean – A glass balustrade is really easy to take care of. If it is made from metal or other materials, it is a little more difficult to take care of due to intricate designs and nooks and crannies. With glass, a general household glass cleaner can be used and just wiped over the flat surface of the glass. Finger smudges and marks are gone in a second, leaving you with a shiny surface. If in the event, you get some scrapes, those can be polished out to bring it back to its former glory.
  3. Additional Space – Because it’s made from glass, it offers the illusion that the area is bigger. If the glass you choose is totally clear with no design features, then you can see right through it, and it appears to some, at first, that it’s not even there. This illusion of extra space is great in small areas and adds to the beauty of a room. If you decide to add some design features, then a glass balustrade is so easy to mix and match with other materials. There are many different colours, designs and textures that you can use to make any style of decor work.
  4. Strength – When you think glass, you think delicate but nothing could be further from the truth. Glass is in fact really strong and built to last a long time. It’s surely better than wood which can have wood worm and wear and tear over the years. Glass is something that gets old slowly, and so you will hardly notice the changes in it over the years.

A glass balustrade is a wonderful addition to any home or business and it will add worth to any building. So, if you are thinking of remodelling your home and office, consider installing a balustrade. You won’t be disappointed.