A lot of homeowners are now becoming more involved in integrating centrepieces for their homes. What better way to satisfy this need than installing a beautiful custom fireplace that can provide style and function at the same time.

So here are some modern designs for gas fireplaces that would perfectly fit your current home setting!

Contemporary Minimalism

This modern piece reaches up to the eye level granting people a fantastic view of the flames. To add a stylish flair to this design; an anti-reflective glass has been incorporated to maximise not just the style of the unit but also its function.

Your Home Centrepiece

The beauty of this design is that it allows an exquisitely striking focal feature to the living area, all while maintaining efficient light flow. The dazzling flames from the gas fire produce immediate warmth so people could genuinely cosy up and relax.

Go Dark and Bold

Opt for a beautiful modern gas fire which seemingly hovers above the floor. To add a bit of drama to the design, the owners of this fireplace specified to use a black steel structure for that dark look. This is an excellent blend of practical technology and innovative design.

A Comfy Nook

With its soaring canopy, stone base and three-sided view of the beautiful flames; this custom-made fireplace is indeed a piece of beauty.

The base, as well as the top section, can be replaced with various materials available to attain the ultimate bespoke feel. Toss in some fluffy pillows on the side, and you got yourself a cosy space to hang out and unwind near the warmth radiated by the fire.

The Corner Fireplace

Glass-enclosed gas fires such as this one can be efficiently introduced into homes even when there is no existing fireplace. Mixing sleek lines with high heat efficiency makes this stylish and practical corner gas fire a stunning design statement while producing radiant heat.

Unique Centrepiece

Another example of an unusual design is this oval centrepiece with a beautiful top section which stretches up to the ceiling.

This particular design is a visually stunning double-sided unit that has been custom-made to fit flawlessly in the room. It’s also enclosed with a sturdy glass to allow a two-sided view of the flames.

Functional Space Divider

If your living area is not roomy enough to install a large fireplace, then go for a double-sided gas fire such as this one, for they can comfortably fit into any interior. It efficiently provides heat and warmth all day and is entirely controlled by remote control. You can also double its purpose by using it as a space divider!

The Luxury Design

If you’re looking for a particularly modern centrepiece, maybe this unique gas fire design is the right one for you.

It has been brilliantly engineered utilising the method of running the gas through the arching canopy, then driving them underground until it reaches outdoors with the help of an advanced extraction system. Aside from its genius functionality, it’s also very stylish and can fit well into luxury homes or even in business establishments.

Slim Focal Point

Slim-shaped centrepieces, like this bespoke gas fire in a double-sided design, offers a magnificent view of the flames from both sides. This has also been made to fit the layout of the room perfectly. Plus, it’s so easy to use!

Modernized Classic Design

This efficient modern gas fire can definitely be fitted into your home even without any existing fireplaces, and also within properties that already have chimney breast. It has a very high heat output as it is an enclosed gas fire with clean cut lines, which makes it an excellent choice if you want to go for a minimal theme.

Contemporary Media Wall

This bespoke unit is designed precisely to the client’s needs. They wanted a media wall along with a remarkable fireplace sitting just underneath the television.

What’s more impressive with this design is that it hides away the media section, but with a click of a button, the panel right above the gas fire slides across to reveal the TV. With another click, the fireplace instantly ignites so that people can enjoy two things simultaneously.

The Circular Gas Fire

If you’re looking for a practical and space-efficient gas fire with a unique shape, then definitely go with this design.It’s entirely different from the conventional layouts, and its peculiarity stands out from the crowd. It is also a double-sided bespoke unit that can be mounted in between rooms to maximise its capacity.

Finding the perfect modern gas fireplace for your home can be quite tricky, so we hope we’ve given you some design ideas that could seamlessly fit your style.

Bio: Modus Fireplaces has been in the industry of producing bespoke fireplaces and providing luxury designer fireplaces for homes and hotels in the UK. Together with Europe’s top manufacturers, we are able to provide clients great and unsurpassed collection of unique fireplaces. We know that most of their clients have different needs, which is why we will work on site and directly with them to achieve in creating that impressible fireplace.